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Chaotic Visual

JRock translations

Translations of JRock/Visual Kei blogs and songs
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Translations of Jrock//Visual songs and blogs. Please feel free to join and add your translations
Welcome to Chaotic Visual

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By rouage

Translations of The Underneath daily blogs, Kirito daily blog, Satsuki daily blog, Hisashi Imai daily blog, Unsraw's Yuuki daily blog, Xover's Shaura daily blog and Jrock/Pop/Visual songs and blogs.

This is a Visual Kei, Jrock translation community.

Please feel free to join, it is a members only community.
Here we translate songs, blogs or magazines, everyone can post a translation.
Please feel free to join and add your translations
[Here we translate all The Underneath's, Kirito, Satsuki blogs everyday and mostly Sora (ex-Gechena and Kiteru!Band), but since here Chaos is ruler, you'll never know which translation you'll find ^^]

Since regular translators are 2 only, Chaotic Visual can not grant entries every day... gomen ne~

Also, not every blog will be translated. We won't translate entries that don't have anything really interesting in it because there are so many artists to translate. It's a way to save more time. And obviously we won't translate what we don't understand! LOL

Rules (chaotic, few and insane):
- not repost these translations as yours, please! Translations take time and sweat, so please be honest!
- Feel free to comment the posts. We love comments!
- Usually requests are not allowed for a lot of reasons (maybe we aren't good enough to translate, maybe the blogger talks in a dialect, maybe we don't have time, and so on). We won't get mad at anyone who ask for a translation but it's probable we won't do it.
For translators:
- Translate from Japanese into English first and please add in LJ Cut the original source in Japanese.
- Please add translations as accurate as possible, no authomatic google translators or anything like that.

Enjoy and be kind to users.
Any Jrock fan is welcomed

Kodoku Kusari - Unasareta Akuma

Thanks to zooozy for Chaotic Visual graphics! Zchan gave me so much time and made this community a beautiful place with her artistic skill! ♥

Honoured to be affiliated to:

- muccbrog
- jrock_translate
- girugamesh_blog
- imiwanai
- despairsrayzero
- vidoll_blog
- kirito_blog

NOTE: Chaotic Visual won't accept members with empty journals, so please don't ask to join if you have no entries on your livejournal blog. Thank you very much
NOTE 2: We love kindness and we hate flames. To keep the community kind and quiet the netiquette is highly appreciated. The basic rules we strongly recommend are:
- Remember that people with whom you communicate are located across the globe. If you send a message to which you want an immediate response, the person receiving it might be at home asleep when it arrives. Give them a chance to wake up, come to work, and login before assuming the message didn't arrive or that they don't care.
- Remember that the recipient is a human being whose culture, language, and humor have different points of reference from your own. Remember that date formats, measurements, and idioms may not travel well. Be especially careful with sarcasm.
- Use symbols for emphasis. That *is* what I meant. Use underscores for underlining. _War and Peace_ is my favorite book.
- Use smileys to indicate tone of voice, but use them sparingly. :-) is an example of a smiley (Look sideways). Don't assume that the inclusion of a smiley will make the recipient happy with what you say or wipe out an otherwise insulting comment.
- Wait overnight to send emotional responses to messages. If you have really strong feelings about a subject, indicate it via FLAME ON/OFF enclosures. For example:
This type of argument is not worth the bandwidth it takes to send it. It's illogical and poorly reasoned. The rest of the world agrees with me.

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Translated up to 2009.05.13:

* 12012 - Wataru Miyawaki
* Alice nine - Tora
* Amaterase - Daishi
* Amaterase - Akira
* Angelo - Kirito [daily blog]
* Aurora - Lyrics
* ClearVeil - Lyrics
* D'espairsray - Zero
* Dauto - Reika + Kouki
* Deadman - Lyrics
* Dir en Grey - Lyrics
* E'm~grief~
* Hakuei
* Hora
* Imai Hisashi (Buck-Tick)
* JET (Hybrid, Kiteru!Band)
* Kaya
* Kisaki
* Kiyoharu
* Koto (ex Sugar - L'eprica - Kiteru!Band)
* Lad - lyrics
* Libraian - Taka + Hiro
* MaitoreiA - Daishi (ex- Amaterase) + Shota
* Merry go round - Lyrics
* Mika (ex-Rentrer en soi)
* Monolith - Keita + Ryu
* MUCC - Tatsurou + Yukke
* MUCC - Lyrics
* Nega - Yuu + Jin + Ray
* Penicillin - Hakuei
* Rice - Yuki Sakurai
* ROUAGE - Lyrics
* Sadie - Mao
* Sakurai Atsushi (Buck-Tick)
* Satsuki (ex Rentrer en soi) [daily blog]
* SCREW - Byou
* SCREW - Jin
* SCREW - Kazuki
* Sora (ex Gechena - Kiteru!Band)
* Sugar - SIZNA
* Sugar - Loki
* Sugar - Atsuto
* Takumi (ex-Rentrer en soi)
* The Underneath - Masato [daily blog]
* The Underneath - Masaki [daily blog]
* The Underneath - Ryo [daily blog]
* The Underneath - Taka [daily blog]
* Unsraw - Yuuki         [daily blog]
* Versailles - Kamijo
* Wizard - Kaito
* Xover - Shaura (ex-Juka, ex MOI DIX MOIS)

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